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Capital Planning and Project Management

Capital Planning and Project Management
diamond logo      Cinteger LLC advises senior executives facing the full range of decisions involved in investing capital in their facilities. We know the important role appropriately designed and effectively run facilities play in our clients’ business performance. We consult with executive management teams as they determine their capital investment strategy and launch capital projects to fulfill that strategy.
diamond logo      Cinteger LLC evaluates return on investment for existing capital assets. We recommend changes and forecast new capital expenditures and returns.
diamond logo      Cinteger LLC defines an integrated set of projects, budgets and timelines to meet overall capital planning objectives using the “Checkbook” methodology. We develop performance measures to ensure benefits realization.
            Cinteger LLC provides full project management and
project planning services including:
diamond logo      Scope of Work – We determine scope of work and project objectives needed to achieve performance targets. We create a written set of documents between sponsors and project management team to clarify roles and required outcomes.
diamond logo      Project Team – We assess team member talent needed to establish a high performing project team. We identify and assemble team members from clients’ workforce and provide supplemental, short-term staff needed to perform all aspects of the project. We provide team training and ongoing coaching for project and team member success.
diamond logo      Budget and Contract – We identify project capital and expense budgets. We value-engineer solutions to ensure appropriate spending. We identify vendors and contractors and estimate costs. We track all spending against budget categories and forecast spending rates.
diamond logo      Project Tracking – We facilitate preparation of project schedule utilizing planning tools such as Primavera® and Microsoft Project®. We track progress against schedule and forecast completion dates for each component of the schedule.
diamond logo      Benefits Realization – Along with key stakeholders and project team, we establish the overall project objectives and company benefits required at completion of the project. We evaluate and document results achieved post-project completion.